Sophia M. D'Angelo, PhD

Evidence-informed leadership to shape education policy and practice in development and humanitarian contexts.

Disability Inclusion in Education

Upholding the right to quality, equitable, lifelong education for all children and youth, especially the most marginalized.

Gender & Gender Norms

Supporting the education of girls, boys, and LGBTQI+ communities by addressing discriminatory gender norms and using gender-transformative approaches.

Education in Emergencies

Ensuring education continues in times of crisis, fragility, conflict, and displacement, while protecting the safety and wellbeing of all involved.

Teachers and Teaching

Equipping teachers with the skills, knowledge, and support to improve pedagogy and foster inclusive teaching and learning environments.

Foundational Learning & Skills

Developing young people’s competencies in foundational literacy and numeracy and life skills, including social-emotional learning and work readiness.

Educational Technology

Leveraging educational technology (EdTech) to support teachers and students, strengthen data systems, and bridge the digital divide.

Evidence Reviews

Turn academic and/or grey literature into a set of key recommendations for diverse stakeholders, including policy makers, donors, practitioners, the private sector, or government. (Includes rapid evidence reviews, systematic literature reviews, mapping of education sector plans and policies, or matrices of scalable, sustainable, and cost-effective approaches).

Design, Monitoring and Evaluation

Design a new project or adapt an existing one.
Build a monitoring and evaluation plan or results framework.
Assess or evaluate a current project or policy.
Conduct a gender analysis of a current project or policy.

(Includes quantitative, qualitative, and intersectional data analysis).

Creative Content

Create a new teacher training module, a curriculum for students or parents, an online training or guidance note for policy makers and practitioners. Have a short timeline? Create quickly by drawing on Open Educational Resources (OERs). (May include creating products through a participatory approach, virtually or in person).


Inclusive Education Consultant

Sophia M. D'Angelo

Sophia is a former teacher and teacher trainer, with over 10 years of experience working in low- and middle-income countries. Raised in the US, she graduated with a BA in Spanish Literature and Culture from Princeton University, before moving to the Dominican Republic where she found her calling in education and international development. She then moved to the UK for four years, while completing an MPhil and PhD in Education at the University of Cambridge. She has since supported projects on the ground and remotely in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific. Currently based in the Dominican Republic with her partner, Sophia is an avid football (soccer) player and enjoys going on runs with her two dogs.


"Sophia was recommended to me by a contact at EdTech hub to join a roundtable event on distance learning that I was organizing with Sesame Workshop. Sophia was an invaluable presenter and contributor, advising us on best practices for using digital media for distance learning with considerations for gender equity and teacher professional development. She was very responsive and engaging during the entire process and brought a great energy to the event. I would highly recommend working with Sophia and hope that we have the chance to work together again. Thank you!"
Sophia Collas - Senior Education Manager at Sesame Workshop
"Sophia has been an exceptional colleague. While with ODI, she supported the drafting of a major report on secondary education led by Mastercard Foundation. Her contributions to this work were invaluable. In addition to carrying out background research, and referencing, she drafted several thematic inserts which added considerable depth to the study. She was contentious, demonstrated impeccable attention to detail, and delivered under tight, often shifting timelines."
Mallory Baxter - Strategic Research Lead at Mastercard Foundation
"Sophia is one of the most passionate educators I've had the pleasure of working with, and I'm always impressed by her commitment to ensuring education delivers on its promise of creating better opportunities for all children. Her enthusiasm, and work ethic were inspiring to those around her and were instrumental to raising the overall quality of DREAM's programming. Over the year she worked at DREAM, the teachers she supervised showed significant professional growth, and were motivated to go beyond what was expected to ensure their students met learning goals. She not only built their professional skills but also their confidence and their pride in being educators. As her supervisor, I always knew that I could count on Sophia to push herself and others to provide our students with the best experience possible."
Rebeca Martinez - Literacy Education Specialist at USAID
"I commissioned Sophia and her colleague to produce teacher professional development modules for Save the Children’s ‘Enabling Teachers’ approach. She had also volunteered with us a year earlier. On both occasions, Sophia produced very high quality work, delivered on time. She demonstrated a strong understanding of current thinking around teacher professional development - both the international literature, and the practical considerations associated with making teaching modules user-friendly and adaptable to context. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again in the future."
Patrick Mroz-Dawes - Principal Consultant at the Education Development Trust


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